Khamis, 20 Februari 2014

New breastpump EVE LOVE

Breastfeeding is nature’s health plan. It’s a mother’s gift to herself, her baby and the earth. While there is no doubt that breastmilk is the ultimate food for babies, successful breastfeeding can be a challenge especially for working mothers.
Eve Love FLEXI Breastpump is our newest breakthrough. FIRST BREASTPUMP IN THE WORLD POWERED BY POWERBANK!  It liberates nursing mothers giving them freedom to pump discreetly anywhere and anytime without having to be near an electric outlet. Using the two-phase expression technology, it resembles baby’s natural sucking rhythm, hence helps maintain good breastmilk supply. A pump that allow mothers to multitask while pumping, attractive and lightweight; the Eve Love FLEXI Breastpump is definitely a small investment that goes a long way throughout your breastfeeding journey.

Special Features:
1. Double Pumping: Stimulates higher Prolactin Level. Get more milk in less time!
2. Compact & Lightweight: Less than 400g. Easy to carry around.
3. Dual-Phase Expression: Stimulation Phase followed by Expression Phase. Mimics baby's natural sucking rhythm.
4. Breastshields paddings: To provide comfort while pumping.
5. Various Suction Level (10 Levels): To Cater to mother's comfort during pumping and efficacy of emptying breasts.
6. Memory Button: To remember Suction Level that mothers are comfortable with.
                                     Fully Charged Powerbank can last up to 15 times 30 minutes pumping sessions.
                                                        Also optional power source like 4AA Batteries & Adaptor.
8. LCD Screen Showing Light , Time & Suction Level.

Items Included:
  • 2 pads for breastshield
  • 2 breast shields
  • 2 body connectors
  • 2 Eve Love Storage Bottles
  • 2 tubes
  • 4 tube connectors
  • 1 connector for double use
  • 2 silica valves
  • 1 motor body
  • 1 adaptor
  • 1 Instruction manual
  • 1 Warranty Card
  • 1 PUMPING BUSTIER (standard size)
  • 1 POWERBANK (with 1 powerbank adaptor & 1 powerbank connector line & 1 connector from powerbank to breastpump motor)

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